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Guaranteed rent for landlords in South East London and Kent


Never Worry About Your Rent Again

What Is Guaranteed Rent?

An unoccupied property is the greatest fear of every landlord, and if your property is empty for a prolonged period this will severely impact your income. Our guaranteed rental scheme is designed to remove all uncertainty. Omslaw will effectively become your tenant, providing you with a fixed rental income for the duration of the contract we agree with you (the minimum term is at least 3 years).

This ensures that you, the landlord, will be hassle and worry free as we can guarantee your monthly rental income each month. If you would like further information about our guaranteed rent in South East London, Greater London or Kent, contact us today at Omslaw Property.

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Working with landlords to make sure they get the most out of their properties.


  • Hassle-free support
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Full inventory and inspections
  • Simple set up
  •  24 hour, 7 day a week tenant support
  • Secure start and end dates
  • Provide genuine peace of mind


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Guaranteed Rent For Landlords

One of the main benefits is that we will provide you with a fixed monthly rental income. If there are any issues or void periods in your property you will still receive your monthly payment on a fixed day of every month, so you will not have any uncertainty about meeting your financial obligations ever again.

Never Deal With Tenants Again

Finding the right tenant can be a time consuming and stressful process. Then when you have found someone, you still must complete reference checks and other administrative tasks. When you sign up to guaranteed rent, our property management team will assume responsibility for everything and take care of all reference checks, inspections and tenancy related issues.


Guaranteed rent and property management  in South East London and Kent


We Will Manage All of Your Bills

There are a number of important administrative tasks to keep on top of, one of these being bills. We will take full responsibility for all utility bills and council tax and ensure that all accounts are in the correct nominated name, so you will not be liable for anything.

Your Property, Protected

When a tenancy is over, there are often issues that need to be resolved, such as missing items or property damage. When our contract with you is finished, your property will be returned in the condition it was given to us.

No Hidden Fees

When you sign up to guaranteed rent in South East London, Greater London or Kent we will never surprise you with any costs or fees.




Why Choose Omslaw Property?

At Omslaw Property we are experts in our sector, and we will provide you with a superior service that will save you time, energy and money. You will have total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your property is in the hands of experts. We will provide you with exceptional guaranteed rental rates, responsive management and total protection for your investment.

To find out more about our guaranteed rent in South East London, Greater London and Kent, contact us today at Omslaw Property.

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